Welcome to Daily spice concept

We at Daily spice concept work to define breakthrough products, providing services and experiences—identifying new opportunities, reinvigorating brands, to help our clients create significant economic value and social impact.

Even though a client may provide personalized input, culinary product development requires expert focus on innovative ideas, attention to details, accuracy, and precision in order to develop, manufacture, and market a culinary product for mass distribution.

F & B Consultants

Whilst our service can be consultative, the majority of our clients prefer Daily Spice Concepts to take an immersive approach to their projects. Working with the clients, we offer a complete food and beverage, product and technical development service. If you are looking for expertise in food technology, food production, food manufacturing, food innovation or food product development, we would love to hear from you...Read more

Our Products

The USP's of the product: organic luxury ingredients and completely authentic recipes developed by the promoter. We also have a varied range of products developed by our team for bulk or private labeling.

Sol Brand of Products

We at Daily Spice Concepts are in the process of promoting an IN
house brand of Sauces, spice mixes and marinades.

  • Sol Sauces (Spiced Hot sauces)
  • Sol curry Masalas (Base curry sauces)
  • Sol Spicee Rubs (Dry rubs and spice mixes)
  • Sol Coating and Crumbs (Seasoned Batters and Dusters)

Products developed by Daily Spice Concepts

  • Pastes and Masalas for gravies
  • Solutions for dustings, coatings and curmbing.
  • Marinades, Rubs, Sauces, chutneys and Ketchup
  • Pickles
  • Mayonnaise and Flavored Mayonnaise
  • Soup concentrates