About Us

Daily spice concept work to define breakthrough products, providing services and experiences—identifying new opportunities, reinvigorating brands, to help our clients create significant economic value and social impact. Daily spice concepts take development process from ideation, prototype development, customer approval, plant scale up and production. We follow established protocol and standards established for this process.

Developing new products is a complex process – requiring knowledge of ingredients, processing techniques, packaging materials, legislation and consumer demands and preferences.

Our offerings in this space include:

  • Concept Identification
  • Prototype Creation
  • Consumer Exposure and Assessment (measuring product success)
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Product Presentations (Assisting in packaging and branding)
  • Prototype Scale up (Assisting during product scale-up)
  • Cost Formulation
  • Production Start-ups
  • Production Specifications
  • Vendor Specifications (developing and issuing specifications)

We specialize in

  • Organic health food development
  • New and innovative food products to match market trends (such as convenience foods in response to changing lifestyles)
  • Products responding to current areas of public interest in nutrition (such as low-fat or low-carbohydrate)
  • Products responding to current areas of public interest in nutrition (such as low-fat or low-carbohydrate)
  • Economy lines to appeal to the lower-income market, and luxury lines to appeal to those with affluent tastes, and
  • Innovative, cost-effective formulations that deliver long-term cost reductions for your organization, ensuring your product is both technically and economically viable.


Ajith Damodaran a confident, passionate and an energetic creative chef is the promoter for this venture.

Working in various kitchens ranging from cruise ships bulk production gourmet outlets, to banquet kitchens catering to massive weddings and state functions, to multi cuisine restaurants, pastry shops and pan Indian restaurants constantly creating memorable dining experiences to many a celebrities throughout my career, he has developed excellent skills, not only with food, but also his communication, teamwork and leadership skills within a working environment.. He has firsthand experience of menu planning, product development all through his 18 plus years of catering and restaurant business,