Sol brand of products

The In-house sauce, gravies and spice mix brand,

Daily spices concepts will produce and market the products under registered trade mark “SOL FOODS”. Daily spice concepts is working to establish itself as a B2B focused company specialising in the distribution of PREMIUM GOURMET SPECIALTY HOT SAUCES and other products. We aim to capitalize on the growing consumer demand for original hot Indian spiced sauces that are packed with soulfully blended flavours.

The product concept

The USP's of the product:organic luxury ingredients and completely authentic recipes developed by the promoter.

SOL FOODS products

  • Sol Sauces (Spiced Hot sauces)
  • Sol curry Masalas (Base curry sauces)
  • Sol Spicee Rubs (Dry rubs and spice mixes)
  • Sol Coating and Crumbs (Seasoned Batters and Dusters)

The types of sauce include

  • Indian spicy sauce
  • Asian tangy sauce
  • Asian BBQ sauce
  • Green tomato sauce
  • Chilli Mango sauce
  • Tomato chutney
  • Far east Barbecue sauce
  • Mango Cilantro sauce

The types of Spice Rubs

  • SpicSea Mix
  • Eastern Blend
  • Afro Spice Mix
  • Fiery Curry Rub
  • Far East flavour Mix

The types of Curry sauces include

  • Base curry masala
  • Tomato gravy
  • Buna masala

List of Products developed by Daily Spice Concepts

  • Pastes Masalas and gravies
  • Solutions for dustings, coatings and crumbing.
  • Marinades, Rubs, Sauces, chutneys and Ketchup
  • Indian spicy pickles,
  • Mayonnaise and Flavoured Mayonnaise
  • Soup concentrates.
  • Salad Dressings.
  • Dried Herbs, Whole spice and Spice mixes.
  • Health food mixes from Moringa and Aswagandha.
  • Seasonings for Meats, Fish, Pasta, Noodles.
  • Batters, Pancake mixes.

Production facility

Daily spice concepts will operate out of a1500 sq ft state of art kitchen and packaging facility. Daily spice concepts products are prepared hygienically with minimal human contact.

Most ingredients are sourced from local premium suppliers keeping sustainability in mind. The fermentation tanks are temperature controlled for quality results there by producing one of kind sauces. Quality Analysis test the products for consistency and microbial levels to ensure a safe product.