Food Service consulting

We bring experts to the table

WE at DS Concepts provide services as food service consulting company. We assists restaurant clients in providing expert service in new restaurant start-up ventures, troubleshooting operating outlets, and assisting restaurants that under perform. WE works with clients of all sizes in a wide variety of applications, including: family-style restaurants, pubs and bars, fast foods, juice shops and coffee shops, restaurants, fine dining and Snack bars, quick-service restaurants, Our expertise also covers hotels and resorts, theme concepts, and custom projects of any kind.

Studies have shown that 70 percent of business start-ups in the restaurant industry fail within the first year. The DS Concepts restaurant consulting expertise works to provide results by assisting restaurateurs with start-up operations or helping those existing establishments to troubleshoot problems and turn better profits. Our restaurant consulting company is equipped to help clients with every issue and concept, utilizing a hundred-step project schedule, walking through each with you.

Troubled restaurants are given our Operations Analysis to evaluate all facets of business before applying our project schedules to create a profitable solution.

Our restaurant consultants are veterans averaging over thirty years of experience in the food and hospitality industries. While we cannot guarantee results in every situation, we can guarantee that we will save you more money than the cost of your investment in us.

“From restaurant assessments and concept repositioning to tiered market oriented programs and being social media savvy, we help our clients cruise to great success.”


  • Find operation problems and fix them
  • Create operational modules for management
  • Lower food, beverage, and payroll costs
  • Chanel professional work force
  • Understand finances and manage cash flow effectively
  • Bring more money to the bottom line
  • Maximize the value of your business by enhanced marketing
  • Profitability to ensure shareholders and partners are happy
  • Reduce your stress and get back in control
  • Develop an exit and/or expansion plan

We are a one stop solution for your new restaurant start-up, from start to finish. We can open the restaurant with you, for you, or we can coordinate services as you need them. We have devised systems to ensure your opening is on time and within budget.

Ask us for more about the services we offer for Restaurant Start-ups.

A restaurant in trouble... Consult us.

Ease of Operation is a functional service module offered by us. This time tested tailor made tool is available for the restaurant operator seeking to improve profitability. The module helps us find your drawbacks and other faults. Our team then prescribes solutions creating room for more profitability accountability.

Management Contracts

We are happy to talk with you about the possibility us to operate your single or multi-unit chain, anywhere. We have both Long- and short-term options available to suit each need.

Custom Consulting Services for All Concepts

DS Concepts Consultants can provide services for any concept, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and food and beverage outlets that are stand alone, concept restaurants, theme restaurants, QSR models, food courts and the likes. No operation is too small or too large, and our services are available worldwide.

Selecting Site

We will assist you in finding the right location and then assist with the lease negotiation and much more. This service is highly recommended for those without prior leasing experience.

Feasibility Studies

Put some structure to your concept by creating a Feasibility Study. This powerful information will help you decide whether your project, in your selected location, will be viable.

Budget Creation for Your Project

Our expertise allows us to create meaningful pre-opening, pro-forma, and other cash flow and budget projections on a regular basis for clients that need quality financial information.

Break-even Analysis

This is the key to every restaurants success. Every restaurateur should know their break-even point. We offer this and other financial services to our clients .

Business Plan Creation

This is the most important part of any project. The creation of a business plan is a must and a route map for any operation. We help compile everything about your project that you will need to know. This tool is acceptable for bank financing requirements for all new operators. Business Plans we create of a project will include our professional insights on how to make your new venture truly unique and profitable.

Menu Development

A profit-driven menu is the integral part of a restaurants success both financially and for the sake for the guest that dine. The menu decides the restaurants profitability. Menus must be reviewed periodically to understand guest preferences and improvements adapted to the ever changing guest demands. We ensure your vendor relationship by working out item costing, menu layout needs, and your par level and ordering guides. Our team works to create experiences and the menus are planned taking the location, clientele and budget of each location. Please call us for Menu planning for your restaurant or fast food.

Kitchen Layout and Design

A well planned kitchen determines the efficiency of the kitchen and service staff. We can help design your kitchen for efficiency and logistics.

Equipment Selection

We have a long standing relations ship with equipment suppliers and contractors. We will save you at least 20% or more in your equipment packages when compared to most equipment suppliers. Our equipment and kitchen design specialist will work out designs that will suit each outlet taking into consideration the type of establishment and the menu.

Architectural-Advisory Consulting (turn key interior design team)

We at DS Concepts are also specialised to carry out civil and interior works for restaurant projects. Our expertise provides for proper restaurant designs with the right flow and feel. A well planned layout for a restaurant saves space providing more effective use of real estate paid for. This allows for more value per square feet. We can also provide construction and building supervision.

Concept Drawings

See what your concept will look like. Concept drawings are great for investment purposes, and they bring your concept “to life”. A variety of options are available. Our team members can help bring to life a concept by way of using CAD, and other visual media. The team of chefs will work the menu creating recipes, product samples for tasting and fine tuning the products for sale. All of this done even before the project is started.

Policy Manuel

As an employer, you must provide your employees with the information they need. We’ll make sure your bases are covered.

Employee Job Descriptions

A structuring for restaurants creates accountability. A Job description helps the employees to understand their job and brings out the best in them. We can write job descriptions for all employees, from top to bottom, including organizational charts.

Food Sanitation Training

Required by most health departments, we will coordinate food sanitation. We can help educate your employees on the need for clean working environment and hygiene.